Pending Legislation Will Overhaul Student Loans

ith a 253 to 171 vote last week, the Democratic-led House of Representatives easily passed landmark legislation that would bring an end to the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), the program initiated by the Higher Education Act of 1965 to offer college students federally guaranteed student loans via private lenders.

Student Loans Alternatives: What Is The Right Decision?

For students who are unable to get student loans, the fun and kicks of college might be virtually non- existent. There are many more payments to make apart from books and Tuition. Just imagine how difficult it can be for students who also have to pay living expenses because they have to live apart from their families while in college.

Does Financial Aid For Paying Back Student Loans Exist?

You've finished college and now that your student loans are due, you're in more financial difficulties than ever. So as a student in financial trouble, you need help. Can you get financial aid for paying back student loans?

The truth is, no. It doesn't exist. But you do have some options, and there is some financial help available from the department of education as well.